The CEO Struggle

  • Lack of Influence on individual employees
  • Lack of timely information means organizational problems are uncovered too late
  • Lack of engaged employees and managers leads to poor performance and micromanagement
  • Budget driven decisions based solely on past predictions and not current business conditions
  • Generic dashboards provide a fire hose fragmented departmental data and not actionable analytics

The Khorus™ Solution:

Khorus is the only solution that gives CEOs a hierarchical view of the entire organization to ensure employees are aligned, engaged, and working in harmony to achieve corporate goals.

Unlike traditional management solutions designed for departmental functions, Khorus provides a simple, “feed-forward” view for CEOs to see how well the organization is performing against each corporate goal.

With Khorus™, CEOs can:

  • Capture and predict organizational performance
  • Align employee output with corporate objectives
  • Improve employee motivation and performance
  • Solve organizational problems in near real-time

With our TPS Matrix view (pictured here), CEOs can quickly visualize likelihood and quality metrics of all goals impacting a corporate goal.

How Khorus™ Works

Khorus provides a cascading goals framework that aligns every employee’s objectives with the company’s strategic priorities.

Performance Metrics That Matter

Khorus increases employee engagement to foster productivity and accountability.


  • Captures the confidence in goal attainment
  • Surfaces business performance issues in near-real time
  • Holds employees accountable


  • Ensures employees work to deliver the best results
  • Keeps focus on getting the right things done
  • Drives a culture of continuous improvement for long term success

Predict Performance with Crowd-Sourced Insights

The Khorus Performance View displays on demand the collective insights from every employee with a heat map of business performance


At-a-Glance Business Performance

Khorus is the only product that gives CEOs a hierarchical performance view of the entire organization, ensuring employees are aligned and engaged.


Predictive Measures

Khorus is an innovative management system that allows each employee to predict goal completion and quality.


Goals and Status Updates

Khorus is designed for mobile and touch friendly interfaces. Updating goals is effortless for the CEO and all employees.


Near-real-time Analytics

Khorus displays on demand, cascading goal performance for the entire organization, departments and individual employees, and how they each link to corporate goals.


Rapid Deployment

Khorus is delivered in a Software as a Service model, and can be deployed quickly with no complicated costly set up. Khorus delivers value in a short time frame and product updates are available instantaneously.


Org Chart

Khorus provides a simple organizational chart layout for your company